(A State Government Undertaking)


09.09.2020 Office order of PSIEC/RTI/2020/15229-235 dated:20.10.2020
09.09.2020 Office order of PSIEC/Pers./A-6/15209-213 dated:20.10.2020
09.09.2020 Office order of PSIEC/Pers./A-6/12513-12520 dated:04.09.2020
06.08.2020 Office order of PSIEC/Pers./A-10/9204-08 dated:05.08.2020
22.07.2020 Office order of PSIEC/Pers./A-6/7625-31 dated:21.07.2020
13.07.2020 Office order of PSIEC/Estate/5880-83 dated:07.07.2020
10.07.2020 Office order of PSIEC/Pers./A-7/6223-6231 dated:09.07.2020
07.07.2020 Office order of PSIEC/Estate/5597-99 dated:03.07.2020
01.07.2020 Circular- Reminder-I for iHRMS portal
29.06.2020 Office order of Extension in time period of Property return
24.06.2020 Office order of Extension in time period of Amnesty Scheme applicable to recovery of enhance land cost awarded by Judicial Courts
24.06.2020 Office order of Provision of Residential Accomodation in Industrial Plots Alloted by PSIEC in State of Punjab
16.06.2020 Office order PSIEC/Pers./A-7/2020/3786-92
08.06.2020 Office order PSIEC/Pers./2020/3147-3152
12.05.2020 Office order regarding promotion of Sh.Gurpreet Singh.
30.03.2020 Office order regarding retirement of various staff members of PSIEC on March 31, 2020.
18.02.2020 Office order to enhance permissible limit for commercial use of Industrial premises.
02.07.2019 Office order PSIEC/Pers./A-7/13005 - 12
27.02.2019 Extension in Time Period of the Defaulter allottees of Industrial Plots of differnt focal points for the commencement of production.
18.07.2018 Appointment of Nodal Officer (Litigation).
22.05.2018 Office order PSIEC/Pers./SA-4/4200
17.05.2018 Office order PSIEC/Pers./A-7/3904-20
21.03.2018 Office order PSIEC/EE-HQ/777
15.12.2017 Office order PSIEC/Per/A-4/22039-47
12.12.2017 Office order PSIEC/Per/A-8/21629-76
15.11.2017 Office order PSIEC/Per/A-6/19603-607
24.10.2017 Office order PSIEC/Per/A-6/17685-88
14.11.2017 Office order PSIEC/Per/A-1/19539-40
28.11.2017 Office order PSIEC/Per/A-4/20453
14.11.2017 Office order PSIEC/Per/A-7/19531-538
18.10.2017 Office order PSIEC/Per/A-6/17444-48
01.08.2017 Office order PSIEC/Per/A-1/10254-59
19.09.2017 Office order PSIEC/Per/A-6/14429-32
10.11.2017 Office order PSIEC/Per/A-6/19275-76