(A State Government Undertaking)



Estate Wing of PSIEC is responsible for providing Estate Management Services, both pre-allotment and post-allotment, for all Industrial, Commercial and Residential plots located in Industrial Focal Points developed by PSIEC.

Activities of Estate Wing:

1. Pre-Allotment:

Estate Wing performs functions related to allotment of plots in Industrial Focal Points. Estate Wing executes decisions taken by the allotment committee, both under the On-Going Scheme and the General Scheme of the Govt. of Punjab concerning allotment of plots in IFPs developed by PSIEC. It involves land bank management, advertising vacant plots, co-ordination with the administrative department for arranging interviews of applicants, conduct of draw (if required) and issuance of allotment letter/ Letter of Intent.

2. Post-Allotment:

PSIEC offers a wide range of post-allotment services for its allottees in pursuit of implementing their projects in IFPs. The following post-allotment services are offered, which are covered under the Right To Service Act, 2013 of the Govt. of Punjab:
  • 1. Mortgage 1st Charge
  • 2. Registration of Lease/ Conveyance Deed
  • 3. Conversion from Lease to Freehold
  • 4. Extension in time period for possession
  • 5. Issuance of No Due Certificate
  • 6. Transfer of Industrial plot through original allottee
  • 7. Transfer of Industrial Plot through GPA
  • 8. Transfer of plot within family/blood relation
  • 9. NOC/ Permission to sale in industrial plot
  • 10. Issuance of duplicate title documents