Camp for Allottees registration on Estate Management System will be conducted on 20.09.2023 at Amritsar; 21.09.2023 at Jalandhar and 22.09.2023 at Ludhiana  


Helpline Numbers :- General Issue : +91-6284999031,+91-6284999032 ;

Estate Management System (EMS) is a web-based system that provides all post-allotment services online for Industrial Focal Points developed by PSIEC. Through EMS allottees can apply for various post allotment services online, check the status of dues and make payments along with services of water/sewerage e-payment of Bills. Allottees can also manage all their PSIEC plots from one screen. Moreover, PSIEC can issue different types of communications to the allottee through EMS. All allottees can use the following procedure to avail of any kind of post allotment service.

  • Step 1: Allottee has to Register on EMS and upload the allotment/transfer letter.
  • Step 2: After verification by the department allottee will get a message for successful registration and then she/he will be able to login into EMS using her/his Email ID as login ID and password set by her/him at the time of registration.
  • Step 3: Now allottee can apply for any kind of post allotment service through EMS using the User Manual.
  • Step 4: After applying on EMS for any service, the allottee also has to submit original physical documents at the diary section of PSIEC, Chandigarh.